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What to look for in a new Laptop


what to look for in a new laptopWhat to look for in a new laptop

When you go to buy a laptop from the shops you are often overwhelmed with choice.

Firstly, you should consider the size of screen you will need. Most laptops today are a 15.6” screen size. But if you need something a bit bigger you can go for a 17” screen. These laptops are not as portable as the smaller size. They are more of a desktop replacement, compared to  one you carry around with you. Other sizes are the 10.1” Net books.They are very good for your kids to take to their friend’s houses. But they’re not very powerful. As the name suggests they are more focused on internet surfing.
The next thing to look at is the processor. This effectively is the brain in the laptop. The faster it is, the more calculations the laptop can do at once. The ones to avoid are the budget Intel Celeron or atom.
The speed of a processor is measured in Gigahertz (GHZ). The higher the better. But this isn’t always the case. Try to look for anything over 2.0GHZ. Avoid 1.4GHZ-1.7GHZ.
Stick with Intel’s Pentium duel core processors and i3, i5 and i7, if your budget can stretch to them.
Next on the list is the amount of memory the laptop has. There are two types of memory in a laptop – the ram and the hard drive.
The ram (random access memory) is what the computer uses to move information between its other components. The more ram, the more information can be moved. You need a minimum of 2GB (Gigabytes) but 4GB would be the norm.
The hard drive is the storage device that computers use. The bigger the drive, the more can be stored. They tend to be 320GB, 500GB, 750GB or 1TB(Terabyte). With normal computer usage 320GB would be fin,e and 500GB is the norm.    
The last thing is for the film addicts, and that is the DVD drive. Some laptops come with a blue ray player for watching your HD films.
So to recap – a standard laptop would be a 15.6” screen with an Intel duel core processor, 4GB of Ram and a 500GB hard Drive.  These would cost around £360, depending on the time of year. Prices tend to go up before bank holidays so the shop can pretend they are having a sale.
Don’t forget your antivirus software.  Laptops sold on my website include antivirus. Don’t forget to set  them up in your own home to your Wi-Fi.   
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